Recycled Wine Bottle Candles For Sale



Black Oak Soap Co. reimagines recycling and art by giving good wine and beer bottles a second life. These unique candles make great gifts for any occasion.

Decorative when unlit and magical when in use, this ingenious candle is perfect for giving for anyone who needs to smile at what this last year has brought.

Stress relief candles are hand poured into a variety of wine bottles. The one you receive may be different shape and color. Candles burn for over 50 hours. 

In 2015, I embarked on a mission to collect empty wine, beer and glass bottles from events like concerts, musicals and from my neighbors in Washington. In a creative reimagining of recycling, I created beautiful pieces from salvaged materials. Each bottle is cut, ground and polished by hand. Do not be fooled by less expensive upcycled candles. My candles have a signature bevel that is polished to shine like new. Each candle comes packaged in a gift box ready for any occasion.

Scent:  Blend of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg with cheerful orange and berries with a foundation of vanilla.

Wax: Soy

Product Dimensions  H: 4.0 x D: 2.5 inches

Color:  Green

 Material: Glass

 Made In: Washington