Buy Stress Relief Shower Steamers



Looking for a simple way to relax? Lavender and vanilla, and a touch of musk oil provide a harmonious aroma that is sweet, musky, earthy, and provides a deeply grounding in-shower experience. Perfect for balancing mood and emotions and setting the mind at ease.

Each package contains 6 shower steamers. Good for 4-8 showers, depending on how much stress relief you need.

To use our shower fizzer, unwrap and remove the fizzer from the foil and moisten under the running shower water to activate the effervescence. Then place the shower fizzer on the floor of the shower towards the corner or just out of the direct spray of the water. The shower fizzer should be getting lightly sprinkled by the running water. As it begins to fizz the pure essential oils are released into the steam and the shower is filled with the aromatherapy scents of the shower fizzer. To adjust the strength of the scent you can move the fizzer closer or further from the direct stream of water. For a stronger scent, the shower fizzer can also be placed in a soap dish or ledge closer to you. The shower fizzers contain no color so they are gentle on your tile or shower floor and no moisturizers to make the floor slippery!

To ensure freshness and quality, shower steamers are made to order. Please allow 2-3 days for processing time.