Buy Vanilla Butterfly Goat Milk Bath Bomb


Relax in a fizzy bath scented in soothing Vanilla and in the shape of a butterfly. The fragrant scent of fresh vanilla beans is relaxing and nostalgic. Each batch is handmade, please allow for slight variations in colors and look.

This listing is for one 7 oz. bath bomb loaded with soothing epsom salts, goat milk and nourishing coconut oil.

❖ Use & storage
Put the bath bomb in the bath water and watch it fizz away and dissolve into the water! Make sure your tub is clean before using colored bath bombs as the color can stick to old soap scum/dirt. The bath bomb will fizz away and release the scent, color and sweet almond oil into the water. The depth of the color and amount of shimmer will depend on the size of your tub. Enjoy your bath and exit the bath tub with care, and give the tub a quick rinse with water.

Please remember that due to the delicate nature of Bath Bombs and fizzies, etc., (and any other products from our website) items are packed properly for transport, however, they can crack or break during shipping. Although we do our best, certain things are beyond our control once they leave our facility. Bath Bombs and fizzies are still usable as their performance remains the same. Any and all items shipped from our company are still perfectly usable upon delivery. Products are non returnable, non refundable and non exchangeable so please select carefully.